Who We Are

The United Nations Association in Canada – Vancouver Branch (UNAC-V) is a member of the United Nations Association in Canada(UNA-Canada).
UNA-Canada is a national, volunteer-based, charitable organization, which advocates for and promotes the values and goals of the United Nations (UN) in a Canadian context. UNA-Canada isnot an official office of the UNbut itis one of the founding members of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA); established in August 1946.
UNAC-V aims to inform, inspire and engage with people in Metro Vancouver through local partnerships, to accomplish the vital work of the UN. Some of the many issues UNAC-V addresses, include poverty, gender inequalities, human rights, cross-cultural understanding, environmental degradation and threats to peace and security. This is all brought together under the umbrella of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our affairs are guided by our volunteerBoard of Directors,who are responsible for advising local policy decisions, planning and implementing activities, and the management of general branch operations.

Our Mission

The work UNAC-V accomplishes is achieved through education and recognition programs, partnerships and fundraising.

By the work of UNA-Canada and UNAC-V at a community level, we aim to draw a link between local and global concerns and introduce the values and principles of the UN to a wider audience.

Our Events

UNAC-V hosts and supports a variety of events throughout the year to teach, inform, inspire and connect with our members and the community.
Each year UNAC-V receives funding from UNA-Canada and other donors to support our key activities. These donations also support our work throughout the UN season, which takes place from September to December, and highlights the annual New York meetings of the UN General Assembly.

UNAC-V hosts award ceremonies that recognize activists or organizations that support our community, we host speakers and organize annual events to promote the ideals and goals of the UN.